162nd Air Guardians In Tucson, AZ

Proud Sponsor:
162nd Air Guardians

The 162nd Air Wing is a critical part of our local Tucson economy. The Air Guardians operate to support the Airmen and their families, as well as lobbying to keep the 162nd Air Wing HERE in Tucson (we almost lost it! But thanks to the Air Guardians we didn’t!). If the Wing had been relocated, it would have been a devastating hit to our local economy. 

We all know it’s hard enough to keep a family running when both parents are there full time, but can you imagine what it would be like if your spouse were deployed overseas? It’s not easy, the Air Guardians do everything they can to help these families.

The Air Guardians ALWAYS need more sponsors, not just financial but also volunteers. You can become an Air Guardian! Contact us for information!

Proud Sponsor: 162nd Air Guardians

Contact us today for more information about the 162nd Air Guardians and how you can become a sponsor.