AC Replacement In Tucson, AZ

AC Replacement in Tucson, Vail, Rita Ranch, Marana, Oro Valley, AZ and Surrounding Areas

AC Replacement in Tucson, Tucson Metro, Marana, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Saddlebrooke, Vail, Corona, Sahuarita, AZ and Surrounding Areas.

Replace your AC with StrongBuilt Plumbing & Air!

If the age of your AC system is in double digits, it might be time to replace your Air conditioner. With age, the performance of the air conditioner reduces. If you’ve called a technician to repair your AC more than twice in the span of six months, it’s time to consider replacing your AC system. Replacements like this should be done by professionals and at Strongbuilt, we have expert technicians for efficient Air Conditioning replacement in Tucson, AZ!

AC Replacement in Tucson, Vail, Rita Ranch, Marana, Oro Valley, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Who are we?

Strongbuilt Plumbing & Air was established in 2015 and has served in the Tucson city area ever since then. We’re an HVAC certified service that has some of the best technicians and contractors in the city. We’re active in the community and proudly support the Air Guardians of Tucson! We’re owned by a retired Veteran who sets the example for all our technicians – new and old alike!

What are our services?

If your AC system has been malfunctioning for a few years or not working to its full capacity, then the right decision would be to replace it entirely and install an upgraded version with the help of expert technicians. At Strongbuilt, we only offer the best of brands when choosing an AC replacement for you. Our technicians are well-versed in all kinds of AC systems, even ductless and mini-split air conditioners.

Our AC replacement process is fast and efficient, and we make sure to install it correctly as per the dimensions and requirements of your house or commercial office. We ensure the safe uninstallation of your old air conditioning system and the quick installation of a new one. Some other services offered by our experts are:

Why choose us?

  • Professional & Experienced: All our technicians are professionals who have years of hands-on experience. They’re skilled in detecting the problems in any AC system they come across and solve it according to requirement.
  • High-Quality Service: We strive to provide the best quality of service. To do so, we only use high-rated branded products that have proven their quality and are trustworthy.
  • Same-day service: We provide same-day service – whether it is plumbing, heating, or cooling. Our customer satisfaction is of most importance, and we have a response time of 1.5 hours (provided you live in Tucson city).
  • Online booking options: Booking services offline can be time-consuming. Keeping this in mind, we’ve opened online service booking options. All you have to do is open our website, fill in your details, and we will reach out to you in a jiffy!

If you’re looking for a service that provides Air Conditioner replacement in Tucson, AZ, call us to book your slot now!

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