Air Scrubber Combo Deal in Tucson, AZ

Air Scrubber Combo Deal in Tucson, Vail, Rita Ranch, Marana, Oro Valley, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a HOT topic. Strongbuilt has been educating people and installing IAQ systems since before it became the cool thing to do.

Every home and business should have an Electronic Air Filtration System and a UV Air Scrubber, especially in homes where people suffer from asthma, allergies or seasonal irritations, or in homes where people with high risk for illness from virus, germs or bacteria reside. Strongbuilt offers a combination package to help improve indoor air quality.

Strongbuilt uses a Private Label Electronic Air Cleaner that we call the Strongbuilt Eliminator. It filters down to .3 microns, and has carbon media to remove odors. We combine the Eliminator with our Private Label UV Air Scrubber, the Strongbuilt Patriot, which kills virus, germs, bacteria, mold, fungus, allergens and other microorganisms, and also neutralizes odors. 

These products are exclusive to Strongbuilt in Tucson.

Please look over our brochures, and call us for more information and pricing:

Strongbuilt Eliminator Electronic Air Filtration

Strongbuilt Patriot UV Air Scrubber

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