Izzy L.R.

John M. came out with his big diagnostic camera to check out the bizarre hole we found when we took out the old cast-iron tub in our main bathroom. Turns out there was an abandoned well under there, less than a yard away from the tub plumbing, and his camera hit bottom at 18′ 10″! Apparently it had been filled in before the house was built in 1954, but there’d been a slab leak years ago, which probably contributed to the settling of the ground. John was as interested as we were in figuring out what was in that hole (naturally we hoped for gold bars), and let me take as many pictures as I needed from his monitor. He was also totally cool with our two dogs. A great guy, wonderful customer service, and yes indeed, we’ll call them if we ever need any plumbing or HVAC work done here. Thanks, John!