Strongbuilt COVID-19 / Coronavirus Statement

COVID-19 Statement

Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives. Many of you are working from home, or staying home during this difficult situation. We anticipate there will be air conditioning systems breaking down, plumbing issues and other problems which may arise at home. 

Strongbuilt will remain OPEN and ready to serve you. 

Our field staff have been trained to take extra precautionary sanitary measures to ensure the safety of your home and family, as well as their own health and safety. 

We are aware there has been a panic shopping situation, which may have adversely affected many of our retired and over 65 clients. This situation is very concerning to our staff. We will do whatever can to help those of you who may be in a critical situation. It may seem odd to call your plumbing and air conditioning company for something other than a service or repair call, but if you are in a critical situation we encourage you to call and ask for help. We cannot promise anything specific, but we can promise that we will go above and beyond to try and help you. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need help.

Strongbuilt has made the decision to lower our pricing on products which greatly reduce airborne microorganisms like germs, bacteria, virus, mold, fungus, dust and allergens.

Our Patriot UV Air Scrubber is Lab Tested and Certified to Reduce microorganisms by 99.999996%. The Strongbuilt Eliminator is an Electronic Air Cleaner capable of filtering down to .3 microns. Installing the combined products (Patriot & Eliminator) will greatly reduce exposure to airborne microorganisms, which will result in fewer illnesses and ultimately slow down this most recent virus, which is why we lowered the pricing.

Here are the brochures for the Patriot and Eliminator, please call us to schedule a Free Estimate or with any questions:

Strongbuilt Patriot UV Air Scrubber

Strongbuilt Eliminator Electronic Air Filtration